Friday, September 23, 2011


It was only a matter of time before someone--and that someone, in this case, is David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network--neologized the relationship between the Tea Party and the evangelical base. Michele Bachmann in this video identifies herself as a teavangelical, a politician who carries Milton Friedman in one hand and the Bible in the other. We've already seen here how hard it is for overtly-Christian politicians to explain how the latter supports the former, but at least now we are seeing how the ideology of the conservative base is constituting itself, identifying itself, in this election cycle.   


  1. I always enjoy the Christian justifying the virtues of self-interest. Enjoy in a perverse way, I guess. Did you read the new Harper's piece about Mormon economics? It makes the argument that built into our theology is a gospel of wealth and prosperity. I am already writing Harper's a response to it--seems the writer didn't do his homework.

  2. James! I feel bad: I did not get an email notifying me that one of the five people who read my blog wrote a comment. Sorry! I feel like I've completely ignored family.

    Yes, I read the Harper's piece--we've already talked about it. Ugly, there's no other word for it. Weak sauce-research, ridiculous generalizations, irresponsible arguments. I was surprised Harper's ran it.